Our company Metal Processing (pl: “Obróbka Metalu”) deals in providing comprehensive services in the metal industry. Since 2007, our specialty is professional metal processing. We are constantly developing dynamically and expanding the scope of our work, providing each of our clients with professional service tailored to their individual needs.

We guarantee the best quality of services by working with experienced employees. Our team is ambitious, young people who are perfectly familiar with modern technologies of metal processing. We also have an advanced machine park, which it is possible to quickly and efficiently cnc turning, cutting, milling, hardening, welding, production of metal elements such as chains and others. We also provide services on automatic lathes on order.

The prepared products are characterized by reliability, functionality and reliability. We use proven materials to perform professional cnc machining, turning and other metalworking activities.

In addition, we specialize in servicing and repairing CNC machine tools. We carry out modernizations of numerically controlled machine tools and technological lines. We mainly offer services for machine tools from the German manufacturer INDEX, as well as Faunc, Siemens. We organize training for machine tool operators.

We have been cooperating effectively for many years with many business partners in various industries. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the full offer of our company and to use our services!