Obróbka metalu - skrawanie CNC


Welcome to our company website,

The company’s business is a wide range of services performed, among others, on numerically controlled CNC machines.

We have a wide range in our machine park, which is why we are open to new challenges and projects. We undertake cooperation, new production or subcontracting. For many years, we have been manufacturing products that enjoy the recognition of our contractors, both on the domestic and international market.

We have a certificate: PN – EN ISO 9001:2015-10

Metal processing is the main line of our company’s development, we deal with the broadly understood processing, ie cutting, milling, cnc lathes, hardening, carburizing, welding, presses, cnc turning. Our specialization is the production of chains (for agriculture, for mills) and services on automatic lathes.

Obtaining the same and finely finished metal elements was not possible until the time when the equipment intended for CNC machining started to be used on a large scale. Currently, it is the most appropriate metal machining technique.

Professional CNC machining requires the use of specialized tools for this purpose. CNC is Computerized Numerical Control – computer numeric control. A special numerical control system is connected to the device, which can be freely programmed to prepare the designated product. CNC equipment accurately presents all operating parameters, including information on tools, their correction, machining parameters. Thanks to the fact that the machine is integrated with the computer system, you can get a large number of repeatable and precisely finished metal elements exactly as in the design.